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Jewelry Sales & Supplies

My husband & I just arrived in Salem over the weekend, and it looks like we'll be based here for a little while. I make and sell jewelry, and I'm not quite sure how to go about getting supplies here. We don't drive. I'm going to check out Beadworks today. Can you recommend other local shops for beads (particularly gemstones, pearls & crystals), stringing materials, metal pendants, etc? Price is definitely important; I can't afford to pay a lot for supplies, and I don't charge a lot for my jewelry.

I've been selling my jewelry & paintings in Somerville for a while. There, as in much of MA, it's considered part of your right to free speech to be able to display and sell your art in public spaces. I can't find much info on this as it pertains to Salem -- does anyone know whether there are permits or restrictions? Also, can you recommend any local shops where I might be able to sell my jewelry, either outright or on consignment?

Finally, I am also seeking affordable, quality prints of my paintings. Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance for any info ya'll may be able to share!